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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Free Windows 8.1 Update And Available new features of Windows 8.1

  •   In october 2013 Microsoft company has declare official update,prizes and package of Windows 8.1 which is newly released by them.From 17 october recent Windows 8 users can download this new version FREE.For those usres who use another versions behalf of Windows 8 they can also buy Windows 8.1 from 18 october,2013 or they can upgrade it online also.This version's prize is $119.99.And the prize of Windows 8.1 pro is also $119.99.If Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 are available to you and if you want to upgrade it into pro version so its prize is around $100.In addition to that,those pro users who want to add media center functionality,its upgrade value is $10.

     Available new features of Windows 8.1

  • The desktop you're used to-with its familiar folders and icons-is still here.And not just still here,it's actually better than before,with a new task manager and streamlined file management and you can always get to your desktop-and back to your start screen again-with a tap or click.

  •  There are more colours available for start screen.

  •  IE11 can open more than one windows and also it can support infinite tabs.

  •  We can also run slideshows of photos in lockscreen which are available in PC,skydrive and phone.

  • Snap view is means we can set more than two apps at a time on screen.

  •  Except this Skydrive,Mail,Windows store,PC settings,Apps,Windows explorer etc are also upgraded.Windows 8.1 also support 3D printing.For add this 3D printing facility Microsoft company has deal with another software and hardware like Makerbot,3D Systems,Form Labs,Autodesk.

By Kinjal Patel,DDIT,CE


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