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Friday, 30 May 2014


Sniffing is a program that monitors and analyzes network traffic, its occasionally used for a program that analyze data other than network traffic.

Cain & Abel:

Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems. It allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols.



Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer. Its mostly used for capturing a network packets.

Video Tutorial



Ettercap is a suite for man in the middle attacks on LAN. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks.

Video Tutorial

You can use Ettercap from Backtrack Or you can download as below

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Send Fake SMS

SMS Mafia

SmsMafia is a web texting application.
This Service Is Completely Anonymous.Your Mobile No. Will Not Be Shown Anywhere.

SMS Global

Send fake sms from this website..
Make sign up and u will get 25 sms as trial.. 

Send International SMS Free
Just Add 00 before type the Country Code and then enter the number
 Like 0091 For India. No Need To Register

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Send Fake Mail

Now You Can Send Email from Any Mail Address To Any One.  This Process is known as Email Forging and Email Spoofing..


More links coming soon...

Friday, 9 May 2014

Security Projects

Photobucket is a FREE, community based project powered by eLearnSecurity. The community can build, host and share vulnerable web application code for educational and research purposes.
The platform is available without any restriction to any party interested in Web Application Security: students, universities, researchers, penetration testers and web developers.  Every time you run a new Hackme the site will initiate a new sandbox for you. You will get isolated access to it so that you will always know that the application is safe for you to use. No other students can add malware or exploits in your sandbox. 

  •     Practice webapp security
  •     Isolated enviroment
  •     Online: nothing to download!
  •     Upload your own code
  •     Online IDE for PHP & MySQL
  •     Your code hosted in the cloud
  •     FREE!!    FREE!!!


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Security Tools

All The Tools Are Used For Computer Security And Internet Security..!!

SSL Configuration Tool SSLyze v 0.6

SSLyze is a Python tool that can analyze the SSL configuration of a server by connecting to it. It is designed to be fast and comprehensive, and should help organizations and testers identify misconfigurations affecting their SSL servers.

  •     SSL 2.0/3.0 and TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2 compatibility
  •     Performance testing: session resumption and TLS tickets support
  •     Security testing: weak cipher suites, insecure renegation, CRIME and  THC-SSL      DOS attacks
  •     Server certificate validation
  •     Support for StartTLS with SMTP and XMPP, and traffic tunneling  through an HTTPS proxy
  •     Client certificate support for servers performing mutual                             authentication
  •     Scan results can be written to an XML file for further processing
Linux/OSX –
Windows 7/Python 32-bit –
Windows 7/Python 64-bit –

Joomla Security Scanner:

Joomscan Security Scanner updated recently with new database have 550 vulnerabilities. Detects file inclusion, sql injection, command execution vulnerabilities
of a target Joomla web site. Last update for this tool was in August, 2009 with 466 vulnerabilities.

Download for Windows (141 KB)
Download for Linux (150 KB)                                                                   Read more

Buffer Zone Pro: 

Enjoy FREE total and 24/7 protection from viruses, Trojans, worms, botnets, or any other dangerous malware.
This tool is very useful for online security.


Process Explorer:

ProcessExplorer for keeping an eye on the files and directories open by any process.



CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up
valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the
best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)


VeraCrypt: Open Source Free Disk Encryption:

It adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions encryption making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks.
This is acceptable to the legitimate owner but it makes it much more harder for an attacker to gain access to the encrypted data.
VeraCrypt storage format is INCOMPATIBLE with TrueCrypt storage format. Hidden volume (steganography) and hidden operating system.  Read more


Comodo Internet Security:

Comodo Internet Security 5.5.195786
Comodo claim that their firewall is unique in that it passes all known leak tests to ensure the integrity of data entering and exiting your system. Comodo has put firewall through all kinds of sophisticated tests to ensure its firewall powerful enough to ward off these attacks with default settings. No other firewall has had to work this hard.

  •     Secures against internal and external attacks
  •     Blocks internet access to malicious Trojan programs
  •     Safeguards your Personal data against theft
  •     Delivers total end-point security for Personal Computers and Networks



Trend Micro HijackThis is a free utility that generates an in depth report of registry and file settings from your computer. HijackThis makes no separation between safe and unsafe settings in its scan results giving you the ability to selectively remove items from your machine. In addition to this scan and remove capability HijackThis comes with several tools useful in manually removing malware from a computer.
HijackThis inspects your computers browser and operating system settings to generate a log file of the current state of your computer. Using HijackThis you can selectively remove unwanted settings and files from your computer. Because the settings identified in a HijackThis log file can belong to both legitimate software and unwanted malware, it is important to use extreme caution when choosing to removing anything using HijackThis.
HijackThis also comes with a process manager, HOSTS file editor, and alternate data stream scann

Rootkit Hunter - Rootkit scanning tool

Rootkit scanner is scanning tool to ensure you for about 99.9%* you're clean of nasty tools. This tool scans for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits by running tests like:
- MD5 hash compare
- Look for default files used by rootkits
- Wrong file permissions for binaries
- Look for suspected strings in LKM and KLD modules
- Look for hidden files
- Optional scan within plaintext and binary files


RUN Commands

Run Commands
Accessibility Controls
Add Hardware Wizard
Add/Remove Programs
Administrative Tools
control.exe admintools
Automatic Updates
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard
Certificate Manager
Character Map
Check Disk Utility
Clipboard Viewer
Command Prompt
Component Services
Computer Management
Date and Time Properties
DDE Shares
Device Manager
Direct X Control Panel (if installed)
Direct X Troubleshooter
Disk Cleanup Utility
Disk Defragment
Disk Management
Disk Partition Manager
Display Properties
control.exe desktop
Display Properties
Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected)
control.exe color
Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility
Driver Verifier Utility
Event Viewer
File Signature Verification Toolsigverif
Folders Properties
control.exe folders
control.exe fonts
Fonts Folder
Free Cell Card Game
Game Controllers
Group Policy Editor (XP Prof)
Hearts Card Game
Iexpress Wizard
Indexing Service
Internet Properties
Java Control Panel (if installed)
Java Control Panel (if installed)
Keyboard Properties
control.exe keyboard
Local Security Settings
Local Users and Groups
Logs You Out Of Windows
Microsoft Chat
Minesweeper Game
Mouse Properties
control.exe mouse
Mouse Properties
Network Connections
control.exe netconnections
Network Connections
Network Setup Wizard
Nview Desktop Manager (if installed)
Object Packager
ODBC Data Source Administrator
On Screen Keyboard
Opens AC3 Filter (if installed)
Password Properties
Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor
Phone and Modem Options
Power Configuration
Printers and Faxes
control.exe printers
Printers Folder
Private Character Editor
Quicktime (If Installed)
Regional Settings
Registry Editorregedit
Registry Editor
Removable Storage
Removable Storage Operator Requests
Resultant Set of Policy
Resultant Set of Policy (XP Prof)
Scanners and Cameras
Scheduled Tasks
control.exe schedtasks
Security Center
Shared Folders
Shuts Down Windows
Sounds and Audiommsys.cpl
Spider Solitare Card Gamespider
SQL Client Configuration
System Configuration Editorsysedit
System Configuration Utility
System File Checker Utility
System Properties
Task Manager
Telnet Client
User Account Management
Utility Manager
Windows Firewall
Windows Magnifier
Windows Management Infrastructure
Windows System Security Tool
Windows Update Launches
Windows XP Tour Wizard
Try them out..

Windows XP Shortcuts  Keys 

ALT+- (ALT+hyphen) Displays the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) child window's System menu ALT+ENTER View properties for the selected item
 ALT+ESC Cycle through items in the order they were opened ALT+F4 Close the active item, or quit the active program
ALT+SPACEBAR Display the System menu for the active window
ALT+TAB Switch between open items
ALT+Underlined letter Display the corresponding menu
BACKSPACE View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer
 CTRL+A Select all
CTRL+I Italics
CTRL+O Open an item
CTRL+U Underline
CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+F4 Close the active document
CTRL while dragging Copy selected item
CTRL+SHIFT while dragging Create shortcut to selected iteM
CTRL+RIGHT ARROW Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word

 CTRL+LEFT ARROW Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word
CTRL+DOWN ARROW Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph
 CTRL+UP ARROW Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph
 SHIFT+DELETE Delete selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin
 ESC Cancel the current task
F1 Displays Help
F2 Rename selected item
F3 Search for a file or folder
F4 Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer
F5 Refresh the active window
F6 Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
F10 Activate the menu bar in the active program
SHIFT+F10 Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
CTRL+ESC Display the Start menu
SHIFT+CTRL+ESC Launches Task Manager
SHIFT when you insert a CD Prevent the CD from automatically playing
 WIN Display or hide the Start menu
WIN+BREAK Display the System Properties dialog box
WIN+D Minimizes all Windows and shows the Desktop
WIN+E Open Windows Explorer
WIN+F Search for a file or folder
WIN+F+CTRL Search for computers
WIN+L Locks the desktop
WIN+M Minimize or restore all windows
WIN+R Open the Run dialog box
WIN+TAB Switch between open items

HIdden Run Commands
Hidden Bluetooth software in windowsXp:
Restoring a Lost Desktop-

Type a period " . "
Then press Enter

R You Playing Game In Ur pc?

Want To Do It Advance?
Try This Trick
-type joy.cpl

If ur PC is hanged then do this.

Press shift+ctrl+esc
n den click on 'END TASK'
ur PC is runing now

create folder without name

>select any folder
>rename it
>press alt & type 0160

Amazing trick for use

Windows Backup Utility if installed
go to run
type ntbackup
Now use backup

Disable CD Autorun
1) Click Start, Run and enter GPEDIT.MSC
2) Go to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System.
3) Locate the entry for Turn autoplay off and modify it as you desire.

Remove the Recycle Bin from the Desktop
If you don't use the Recycle Bin to store deleted files , you can get rid of its desktop icon all together.
Run Regedit and go to:

Click on the "Recycle Bin" string in the right hand pane. Hit Del, click OK.

Hide 'User Accounts' from users

Go to Start/Run, and type:
Open the path
User Config > Admin Templates > Control Panel
doubleclick "Hide specified Control Panel applets"
put a dot in 'enabled', then click 'Show"
click Add button,
type "nusrmgt.cpl" into the add box

Turn off Welcome screen
Open User Accounts in Control Panel.
Click Change the way users log on or off

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is the hottest way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Maximizing the benefits of a well optimized website will yield lots of earnings for the marketer. However, optimizing your site might cost you thousands of dollars if you are not skilled in this area.

But to tell you the truth, you can essentially get information on low cost SEO anywhere in the Internet. But only several really show you how to work out an affordable search engine optimization endeavor. And those few that really inform include this article. 

Keyword Research Tools
You must do keyword research before you start optimizing your site, that much is obvious, but what tools should you use?
There are two excellent keyword research tools that I can recommend as professional tools. They are Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery. Both are great and both are different. Firstly start with with Wordtracker and then move over to Keyword Discovery after a year or so.

If you optimize a site with the wrong keywords you may end up with a high ranking site but won't convert your traffic! Correctly identifying the best keywords and search terms using a keyword search tool will help your odds of success and give you a fighting chance to target prospects who are more likely to turn into clients.

Check it out if you would like more information.

Use The META Description Tag
All websites should use the HTML <META> description tag. If you have too many pages to add it to, at least put in on your home page and any core pages that bring in search result traffic. Google will use the META description you place on your site if the user searched for a keyword that exists in the META description. Google is giving us some measure of control.

Create a Website Sitemap

Some SEO tips can be hard to explain, but this is one of the few that is relatively easy to do and can be done manually with small or large sites. Create a sitemap of your website. There are a few good reasons to do this.
It allows easier indexing of your site by the search engines.
In other words, it helps the search engines to find all the pages on your site. Some websites only have a few of their pages in the search engines and this can be due to poor linking, sparse navigation or a host of other reasons.
It provides PageRank or link popularity to all pages it links to.
If you read about SEO then you have read how important it is to have high-quality links poiting to your site from the sites.
A sitemap can become another source of quality links with descriptive text for your own pages. Making navigation easier by including a sitemap is just good business sense as well as SEO sense.


Duplicate Content & URL Canonicalization
Before we get into this exclusive tip, let me provide a definition for the term Canonicaliztion.
"It is the process of converting data that has more than one possible representation into a standard canonical representation."
If your site has multiple pages with the same content possibly through a Content Management System(CMS) or through duplicate navigation, or because it actually exists in multiple versions, you could be hurting your search engine ranking results. 

Most often this problem can be found on a site's homepage. For example: Search engines view your homepage as having more than one version. How? take a look at the following urls. All point to the same page, but to the search engines they are different.,, and The search engines may find up to four home pages that have the same content.
While this may not cause your site to be unranked it is certainly not helping and can easily cause poor rankings. That is shame for something that is so easily corrected. Most often this is caused by links pointing to different versions of your site. You can't change all the links coming into your site, but you can use the 301-redirect to solve this by pointing all versions of your homepage to the full url.

You can read more at the following links:

Article By Chandrakant Patil

Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking involves saving bookmarks (web addresses) to public Web site such as Digg or so you can access these bookmarks from any computer connected to the web. Your favorite bookmarks are also available for others to view and follow as well, hence the social aspect. If you wish to create your own social bookmarks, you must register with a social bookmarking site.
Bookmark sites you generally would like to share or feel are valuable, which of course can contain bookmarked web addresses of your own site. If enough people agree with the value of a bookmark you have placed they will bookmark it to and as the popularity grows your site traffic will grow.
Don't abuse this by submitting every page of your site, try to be judicious and think about what pages of your site may be helpful and of interest to other web surfers.

Here are some of the more popular social bookmarking sites:
1. Digg
3. StumbleUpon
4. Reddit
5. Squidoo

Get To Know Google Services
What would an SEO Consultant's life be like without Google?
I've listed many services that Google offers and I'm sure you may be a bit surprised at how many different pies the search giant's thumb is actuall in. 
Google Webmasters:
Google Analytics:
Google AdSense:
Google Answers:
Google Blog Search:
Google Bookmarks:
Google Directory:
Google Groups:
Google Sitemaps:

Search Engine & Directory Submissions

Directories are an easy way to build links because anyone can submit age get listed. Directories can, therefore, be of little use for the same reason. Of course getting in directories can be time consuming but it is a one-time affair and usually worth the time. They provide one-way links which will increase your online presence. Not all directories are created equal and paying for the better ones is often money well spent.

Select the best category for your site and follow the instructions on the submission form carefully. Write your descriptions without sensational text. Descriptions of sites should describe the content of the site concisely and accurately When submitting to directories, make sure to vary anchor text and use keywords in the description and title fields.

Choose the most appropriate category for your site. Finding a category that best matches your site's theme or content will increase traffic from the directory and provide higher quality one-way link to your-site for the search engines to follow.

A few of the more search engine friendly directories for valuable links are the following:

We are providing SEO Services..

Is your website submit to all search engines. ?
Do you have a require keywords according to your website ?
Do you want to do SEO for your website ?

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Reverse Engineering

Reverse-engineering is especially important with computer hardware and software. Programs are written in a language, say C++ or Java, that's understandable by other programmers. But to run on a computer, they have to be translated by another  program, called a compiler, into the ones and zeros of machine language. Compiled   code is incomprehensible to most programmers, but there are ways to convert    machine code back to a more human-friendly format, including a software tool          called a decompiler.

Reverse-engineering is used for many purposes: as a learning tool; as a way to make new, compatible products that are cheaper than what's currently on the market; for making software interoperate more effectively or to bridge data between different operating systems or databases; and to uncover the undocumented features of commercial products. 

Reverse-engineering can also expose security flaws and questionable privacy practice

With the help of Reverse Engineering we can modify a software at own way... Like we can change the name of Software, We can editing a software, We can convert Trial Software to License software... n many more. 
So Reverse Engineering is a hacker friendly tool.... Use it n Enjoy..!!

Tools >>

CrowdRE – Crowdsourced Reverse Engineering:The CrowdRE project aims to fill this gap. Rather than using a live distribution of changes to all clients, which has proven to fail in the past, it leverages from the architecture that is being used with success to organize source code repositories: a system that manages a history of changesets as commit messages.The CrowdRE client is now freely available as an IDA Pro plugin. CrowdStrike maintains a central cloud for the community to share their commits amongst each other. This basic concept is sufficient for a collaborative workflow on a per-function basis for a shared binary. One exciting feature is a similarity hashing scheme that considers the basic block boundaries of a function. Each function is mapped on a similarity preserving hash of fixed size.

OLLYDBG TOOL: Version 2.01 alpha 2 
This tool is mostly used for REVERSE ENGINEERING.
We can make a own license key with the help of it, Any trial version will be a crack from this tool OLLYDBG. The most important novelty is that this version is compatible with Windows 7. I have tested it under Win7 Home Premium 32-bit.


The Hex Workshop Hex Editor is a set of hexadecimal development tools for
Microsoft Windows, combining advanced binary editing with the ease and flexibility
of a word processor. With Hex Workshop you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, and delete hex, print customizable hex dumps, and export to RTF or HTML for publishing. Additionally you can goto, find, replace, compare, calculate checksums, add smart bookmarks, color map, and generate character distributions within a sector or file. Hex Workshop supports drag and drop and is integrated with the Windows operating system so you can quickly and easily hex edit from your most frequently used workspaces. The Data Inspector is perfect for interpreting, viewing, and editing decimal and binary values. Arithmetic, logical, ascii case, and bitwise operations can be used to help manipulation your data in place.
An Intergrated Structure Viewer allows you to view and edit data in the most intuitive and convenient way.The structure viewer supports nested structures, references to other structures, along with many atomic data types: char, byte, ubyte, word, uword, long, ulong, longlong, float, double, OLE Date/Time, DOSTIME, DOSDATE, FILETIME, and time_t.

Download Link:   HexWorkshop Tool

  Videos Of Reverse Engineering Toolsssss..!!

CrowdRE – Crowdsourced Reverse Engineering:

OllyDBG Tool Tutorial:

HexWorkshop Tool Tutorial:



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